Our Beginnings:

The Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre (AMSMC) was established in 1979 at the University of British Columbia under the name British Columbia Sports Medicine Centre. In 1985, the Centre expanded and was renamed after Allan McGavin, a chancellor and avid supporter of the University.


Through the AMSMC research and community outreach, programs such as "Abreast In A Boat" have flourished. The results of our research and the medical management implemented at our centre are used with our patients and shared with sports medicine leaders around the world.


The AMSMC's mandate is education, service and research. Our centre uses exercise as an interdisciplinary approach for the management of musculoskeletal conditions.

Board of Directors

President:                                      Jean-Francois Esculier

Vice President:                             Ron Mattison 

Secretary/Treasurer:                    Trish Hopkins

Secretary-treasurer elect:            Zenya Kasubuchi

Directors:                                      Dr. Don McKenzie
                                                       Dr. Rob Lloyd-Smith
                                                       Dr. Kara Solmundson
                                                       Dr. Michael Koehle
                                                       Dr. Rob Drapala
                                                       Dr. Jason Crookham
                                                       Dr. Kristen Taunton

                                                       Dr. Navin Prasad

                                                       Dr. Michael Orenstein

Research Advisory Comittee:

Chair:                                                   Dr. Don McKenzie

Members:                                             Dr. Michael Koehle

Jean-Francois Esculier 

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